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“I believe our talents and achievements influence life around us and help and inspire others. They are also a means to attain the livelihood we need for ourselves and our families. Pain often stops our ability to accomplish our work and to achieve our goals.  If you want to return to your capacity to earn and to enjoy physical health and well-being, then I offer you a proven solution -- Mastery of Movement -- a whole new approach to your work and your life!”     Rochelle Reea  

  • A desk warrior is an employee who loves what they do and needs a computer to do it.

  • A desk warrior knows how to prevent pain and injury and how to practice self-care in the work environment.

  • A desk warrior hardly misses a day of work.

  • A desk warrior can help your company reduce compensation plan payouts and the hiring of subs. 

How are your employees doing? Are they Desk Warriors?

What is Mastery of Movement ergonomics

training all about?

It is a proven method of education that provides your employees with a way to get out of pain and stay out of pain. It enables them to do what they love through learning how to identify and stop those unconscious harmful habits that cause pain and relearn how to use the body again in a conscious positive way. They become the master of their movement.

What I Discovered

People seem to be in more pain these days than ever before. There are new syndromes and dis-eases, more back operations, and more joint replacements. While it looks like the medical profession is advocating more pain medications, on the other hand, many companies are opening Wellness Departments to combat pain. When I do a workshop, I ask the question, “Do you have pain that interferes with doing what you love?”  Always over three-quarters of the room raise their hands!


The cause of pain can be multifaceted. In my 30+ years of teaching, I have a high success rate of helping others solve their pain issues. This is because I find that most pain stems from unconscious, harmful mis-use of the body in daily activities over time. In the work place, those  habits wear away discs and joints, cause musculoskeletal disorders, pains, and repetitive strain injuries.  

  • Employees can be educated to self-regulate and self-correct in the daily work environment

  • Employees can enjoy more time pain-free during work, and a longer career span

  • Employees' ease can be restored, breathing can improve, and more energy can be experienced  

  • Employees' pain can diminish and even disappear and less injury incurred

  • The company can save money on compensation plan payouts and the hiring of subs for missed work days


“The human body was built to move; subject it to prolonged static work at a computer, and you have the largest number of work-related and stress-induced injuries in recorded history. ‘Repetitive strain injuries’ ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’ ‘Cumulative Trauma Disorders.’ These names have become household words, casually mentioned as if they were unavoidable occupational hazards of the IT revolution.”

Glenna Batson, PT, MA


A Bleak Picture


1. We forgot what it feels like to move with ease and let the body perform naturally

2. We respond to daily stimuli in the work environment and to all of life with stress and tension

3. We compress the spine, interfere with the correct functioning of the joints, and use the wrong muscles to do things

4. We grip the floor with our feet for balance, grind our teeth, use brute force, tighten our arms and wrists before we reach the keyboard, and develop weak backs.

5. We are told to position ourselves in different “postures,” hold our abs and tighten our buttocks. Try doing that and walk at the same time! Yikes.


A Good News Picture


1. We can learn to STOP that process!

2. We can age gracefully doing what we love

3. We can provide for our families without fear of loss of income!


This is huge!

My ergonomic trainings are chock-full of hands-on education, tools, demonstrations, and new physical experiences so your employees can do and keep on doing the good work you hired them to do.


We spend most of our days in our workplace! Why not make it better?



Ergonomic Programs

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has found 'substantial evidence that ergonomic programs can cut workers' compensation costs, increase productivity and decrease employee turnover’.”

"The impact Rochelle made in her training with our real estate company was certainly impressive. Rochelle not only physically demonstrated, but gave a history of the Alexander Technique, coupled with scientific evidence to substantiate it. At the end of the session overall improved posture was evident, and agents went away with a number of techniques to help with stress relief."

Wendy Brown, Training Manager

Holmwood Real Estate LTD, New Zealand

1. Let tension go!


2. If collapsing in the torso, let your head come upwards off the top of your spine. Allow the chest to rise naturally and lengthen the spine. Continue your activity from there and correct throughout the day.


3. If holding the back in an arched position and holding the chest up; stop the “holding process” and let the body find its ease. Your back will widen out and last longer.


4. If there is tension in hands, arms, and wrists while reaching for the keyboard and while performing a task, check in with the rest of the body for tension patterns to let go of. Then allow the hands, arms, and wrists to use natural effort versus force and tension.


5. Vary the way you are sitting. Place your hips back in to the chair and let the back of the chair support you-then move the chair forward to reach your desk easily. Sit forward on the chair for a bit. Use a pillow to support the back in different places. Bend forward from the HIPS, not the lower back.

Tips for Desk Warriors

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